Therapeutic Fostering Children

Calon Cymru launches new Therapeutic Fostering Service

Calon Cymru Fostering are working with Studio III to launch the Therapeutically Led Placements (TLP) programme, a pioneering new therapeutic fostering service for vulnerable children in South Wales.

The service has been specifically designed to help young people who have suffered abuse and trauma access further support within a family environment rather than a residential care unit.

The scheme is the first of its kind to be launched in Wales and will provide the children, who often have behavioural issues, with access to psychologists and behavioural support specialists whilst living in the care of highly trained and experienced Foster Carers.

One of those carers, Pete, says of the transformation in his TLP placement “[This transition] has been incredibly rewarding and humbling to witness.”

Studio III, a local training and clinical consultancy, will be assisting with the specialist training and support for these placements and have commissioned a research piece to run alongside, documenting the positive outcomes for both the children and Foster Carers.

Calon Cymru has already successfully recruited a number of Foster Carers for the programme and are looking for more dedicated Foster Carers to join in the success.

“Being in a stable placement is so important to the development of these children. Thankfully a Welsh Government survey shows that over 75% of young people in care have this kind of stability, and we hope this programme contributes to a rise in this figure.” said Sharon Cavaliere, Director of Operations at Calon Cymru Fostering

“Our Therapeutically Led Placements programme allows us to support some of the most challenging children in South Wales and provide them with therapeutic services alongside the family unit they crave. It also allows us to support our Foster Carers who benefit from advanced training, increased financial support and weekly visits from their social work team.”

Dave Walker, Specialist Challenging Behaviour Advisor and Psychotherapist, Studio III said: “We’re delighted to be working alongside Calon Cymru Fostering. They share our vision of an inclusive culture and promoting wellbeing. By offering enhanced levels of therapeutic support to these vulnerable young people and specialist training to their Foster Carers we can, together, offer them the best chance to thrive.”