Calon Cymru Sponsors Keegan Jacobs to compete with the Welsh and UK polocrosse teams

Calon Cymru Fostering, have sponsored Welsh and UK Polocrosse competitor, Keegan Jacobs. 

16 year old Keegan from Cardiff currently plays for the South Wales Polocrosse Pony club and was recently selected to play for Wales and become part of the UK team. 

With being part of two new incredible teams and competing against South Africa in a head to head match last month, Keegan needed support with purchasing his new uniform, for himself and his horse. The sponsorship that Keegan received “was a massive help! The help of Calon Cymru was amazing.”

 The incredible feedback that Keegan received from The Pony Club from his team acceptance letter was really encouraging and shows just how much of a positive impact team-based sports have on young people. His acceptance letter read:

“The reasons you have been selected to represent a nation in the tournament are:

·       The racquet skills you have developed throughout your time playing polocrosse

·       Your abilities to care for your horse and whilst riding

·       Your attitude towards participating and contributions to teams you have represented.” 

Keegan and his family are all incredibly proud that he not only represents Wales but also the UK in such an exciting sport. The whole family, including Keegan’s fostered sibling, all attended the Polocrosse competitions. Keegan’s mum Vanessa, who is a Foster Carer with Calon Cymru Fostering, says:

“It’s a family event where we all go camping with the horses and have amazing fun. The recent games have seen the Wales team come second to England and a win against Scotland and Ireland. In the junior section, Keegan played in, a loss against England by goal difference and draws with other teams.”

“Unfortunately, during the South Africa game in August, the UK lost a player on the first day to a fall and left him unable able to play. It resulted in an amazing battle, but we just couldn’t get a win! Scores were close and amazing friends were made from South Africa, Ireland, Scotland, England and of course Wales.”

Barrie Lewis of Calon Cymru Fostering has said that they are:

“always keen to support young people where possible. Providing sponsorships to young people gives them opportunities to learn great life skills that they will take with them into their adult lives.”

As a fostering agency, this is a high priority outcome when looking after and finding safe homes for children in care. If providing a safe loving home for children in care is something you could do then get in touch with Calon Cymru Fostering by visiting their website at or call on 029 2081 1173