Foster Care Fortnight 2018

Foster care transforms lives.

“At Calon Cymru Fostering achieving outcomes and making a difference in Children and young people’s lives is at the heart of what we do. Our aim has always been to offer quality foster care to some of the most vulnerable children across Wales. The high level and robust support we offer our Foster Carers allows them to continue to provide loving, nurturing and stable environments to both keep children and young people safe and also allow them to reach their full potential. We as a staff group along with our Foster Carers take pride in the service we offer. This is clearly evidenced in the length of service staff and the willingness of Foster Carers to remain with the agency.” – Sharon Cavaliere, Director of Operations

What is Foster Care Fortnight?

Foster Care Fortnight is a campaign run by the Fostering Network which aims to show everyone the hard work, dedication and passion that Foster Carers have in what they do. It also highlights the need for more Foster Carers. It is estimated that we require over 8000 more foster families (550 in Wales alone) to take care of all the young people and the different types of fostering needs.*

Source: The Fostering Network


Our dedicated Foster Carers are extremely proud to foster and our Social Workers are proud to support fostering too, and Foster Care Fortnight is the perfect opportunity to show that off. You can see for yourself here!

Martin has sent us some touching words on his experience as a Foster Carer with us for 6 years. Could you be the next person to change a young person’s life?

The last six years of which I have been fostering has been more of an awakening. To see what positive changes can bring to a child’s life and helping move to a more positive and brighter future, experiencing first-hand the difference in what being valued makes to a child. There are many individual accounts, where all too often you hear echoed the same clichés – overused opinions such as “making a difference”, “It’s been life changing” however my experience is that they are true. It really is a wonderful opportunity to integrate a child into your family and providing a haven, being there to encourage healthy lifestyle replacing emptiness with hope and ambition and helping to build a platform for the future successes.

Martin B

Foster Carer with Calon Cymru for 6 years

A Letter from the Minister for Children and Social Care

In support of Foster Care Fortnight, the Minister for Children and Social Care has sent out a thank you letter to Foster Carers. Please don’t hesitate to share this with other Foster Carers to get the message to as much people as possible. You can read the letter in English or Welsh by clicking one of the links below.

Letter to Foster Carers (English) | Llythyr i ofalwyr maeth (Welsh)

If you think you can change the life of a young person and become a Foster Carer, contact us. You can call on 029 208 1 1173 us or fill in the enquiry form below.

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