Couple holding Christmas Presents

Christmas for Foster Children

A blog by Jane, one of our fabulous Foster Carers.

Christmas in our fostering household is a bittersweet experience this year. Our little dude has been living with us for 3 and a half years, he has additional needs, and this is the first Christmas he has ‘engaged’ with the goings on. He is non-verbal, but has become vocal in the last couple of months and spontaneously shouts “Millie Christmas”, which is absolutely amazing. He has started to sing “Jingle Bells” too.

It is bittersweet because, although we have made this wonderful progress together, he has absolutely no idea about Christmas and what it means to everyone. Again, this year is the first year he opened his birthday presents, so we are anticipating him doing the same at Christmas and cards too.

For many looked after children, Christmas is a time of conflict of the heart. They are not with their families, and this hurts, they have gifts from foster parents, many not having received gifts ever before and loyalties are split between their birth family and their foster family.

For my little dude, it is all so different. He now appears to be letting his guard down and his reduced capacity makes him blissfully unaware that we are not his birth family. He has stolen our hearts and is very much ‘one of us’.  We are all looking forward to Christmas… hopefully, he is too, in his own way.

Remember, being a foster parent is a gift, if ever you have wondered about being a foster parent, now is the time to give it full consideration. Christmas is one of the hardest times of the year for children in the care sector, my philosophy is #makingmemories.


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