Going back to school during Lockdown

Well, here we are into our 11th week on lockdown.  We are surviving!!

Julian has handled it pretty well, we are having some challenging behaviours but are on the whole doing okay. 

We live in Wales and have now been informed that the schools are to reopen on 29th June with limited attendance for the children.  Throughout this whole pandemic, I have been adamant that I will not be sending Julian back until September when hopefully we are better informed and risks are limited.  Therein lies the dilemma …… having now heard what Julian’s school is proposing, in line with Governmental direction, I feel I may be doing him a disservice by him not attending with at least some of his peers this term.  What to do?? 

I am fortunate to have a husband, daughter and Calon Cymru to discuss this with and hopefully make the right decision for him.  My supervising social worker will help me to collate information and in discussions with Julian’s social worker, a decision will be made.  My heart is telling me September, but my head is telling me that after 11 weeks of being housebound, he needs to be with his peers to allow him to acclimatise for the Autumn term.

So many what-ifs and scenarios going around in my head …… I trust his teachers and LSA’s to keep him safe.  The issue with Julian is his additional needs, he does not have the cognitive ability to understand social distancing, staying in your own ‘bubble’ or indeed to wash hands repeatedly.  He, quite honestly, has no idea the period of time he has been home or why. I am thankful for that as lockdown could have been completely different.  We have managed, I am sure better than most and that is largely down to the support we receive.  The decision to allow him to go back to school will be discussed thoroughly but at the end of the day, we know him best and have to trust our instinct to know what is best for him.

I am sure many of you are in similar predicaments, please know that you are not alone.  The local authority has experts in transitioning children into settings, please contact them if you feel you need that extra bit of information to allow you to decide.  Each decision is personal to you and yours, do not allow others to influence you.  Whatever you decide, it is right for you.

A different blog this week . . . .  at the moment Julian is happy and safe and I am sure he will be in school should we decide to start him back this term.

This too will pass . . .  .

Daisy Doo xx