Going Back to School

Hi everyone,

Here we all are drawing ever closer to October half term and experiencing local lockdowns in various areas throughout the UK. We are fortunate not to be in one of those areas at the moment, however, announcements happen fairly frequently regarding which area is going to be next, so we wait with anticipation each week, in fact, each day.

Julian has settled back to attending school each day with amazing indifference in the school setting. He has accepted the ‘new normal’ and adjusted to the new routines when he arrives and finishes school each day. He has had a couple of changes of staff within his class and appears to be happy and settled. His behaviour at home is still a little challenging and in some way this could be reflecting the anxiety he does have about changes that have suddenly appeared in his routine . . . who knows? His additional needs make it difficult to interpret his behaviours, he is unable to tell us how he is feeling so he throws his food on the floor to get a reaction. He does not do this in school however. We are so proud of him, his home to school book demonstrates that he is able to keep it together in school, that is important for him.

Calon Cymru have been unfaltering with their support during this unusual time. Our Supervising Social workers have made physical visits when the weather allows (adhering to social distancing restrictions) and virtual visits when the weather is inclement. All of the staff are doing what they can to keep us all safe. They are still placing children and working closely with the Local Authorities to ensure that all children that are looked after, continue to feel safe and are living in a secure environment. There have been various online activities organised for the children and young people to participate in and there have been regular newsletters for the young people and for the adults too.

We all need to work together through this very difficult time and support each other through lonely and difficult times. I have regular contact with other foster carers and have been a ‘buddy’ to new applicants. Having a positive attitude as a foster carer is an asset, however, you are allowed to be sad, everyone is. Naming how you are feeling could potentially help a child living with you deal with their feelings about change of routine, people around the UK becoming ill etc. Communication is powerful and being as positive as you can around the young people in your care is hugely important.   There is always someone at the end of the phone, Calon Cymru answer the telephone, literally 24/7. . . . there is always someone there to offer guidance and advice should you feel you need it, or just to talk things through.

I guess my message is to stay positive and know that there is always someone to talk to within the agency; foster carer, supervising social worker and managers too. The children we look after need us to be on top form to help them on a daily basis . . .

Chat soon . . . . . enjoy half term doing what you can . . . keep safe


Daisy Doo x