Have you considered fostering?

Hi all,

Hope you are all doing well.

Another half term behind us and fantastic Platinum Jubilee celebrations have come and gone. All back to school and preparing for the end of another term in 6 weeks and the start of the summer holidays.

Have you considered fostering? Well, it truly is the best job I have ever had. All you need is a spare bedroom, kind heart and a safe and nurturing environment. We have been fostering for over a decade now and it has been a journey that we have all been on as a family.

When you embark on the fostering journey there is a procedure you have to follow and part of that procedure is completing a form, Form F. You need to discuss with your whole family that you are starting the process and once you have contacted Calon Cymru, your journey will begin. The first point of contact will be someone from recruitment, then once all checks have been made, the full assessment will begin. At this stage, Calon will appoint you a buddy, or mentor to help you through the process.

The process is very intrusive, but it has to be to ensure that you are the right people to foster. It can take 6 months or more, but it is quite a cathartic process. You are asked to think about your childhood, your parents, grandparents, your education and where you have lived. You get to know your assessing person really well and they get to know you really well too. You are fully supported through the whole process and most discussions are done over a cuppa in your own home.

Take some time over the summer to consider if it is something you can do and watch out for ‘pop up’ coffee mornings in your area where you can talk informally to a foster carer from the agency. Then who knows, this time next year you could be part of our small but beautifully formed fostering team, let’s watch this space.

Take care for now,

Daisy Doo and Julian too xx