House Rules

Hi all,

This far into our fostering journey, we have been reflecting on the placements we have had over the years. Each one significantly different but also so many things in common. One of the things that changes each time we have a new foster placement is the house rules.

House rules are not as scary as they sound. You will have a background history of the child being matched with you and it is at this time that you need to consider how to keep them safe in your home and how to keep your family safe too. This is initially part of the Form F process.

Safeguarding both you and the child is the most important issue. Things to consider is how you dress when at home, the ‘2-layer rule’ could be applied but also you have to consider the context. For instance, when you get up in the morning, put on your dressing gown but if you are on holiday or at the beach you are not expected to wear layers with your swimming costume. Some of your house rules are in place without you even realising. Having a safe charging area for phones and devices . . . making them safe from abuse and being a fire hazard. Keeping sharp objects like knives out of reach of small hands, medicines in a hard to get to place, knocking before entering bedrooms etc.

Your assessor will help you to think of pertinent house rules for your family home without it being a ‘big deal’ and these will change each time you have a little visitor coming to stay. Your supervising social worker will always be on hand to support you and suggest little changes once you have been matched with a placement and there is always a network of peers to help if needed too.

Take care for now

Daisy Doo and Julian too xx