Networking and behaviours

Happy New Year … may 2020 bless you with abundance.

Well, we’re a little into the new year now. Christmas half term, we have to call it that because if we called it “holiday”, Julian thinks it is time to pack his Gruffalo trunky and head off to sunnier climes.
On the first day of the break, Julian asked, in his unique way, if there was school, he had clearly realised that as I was not dressing him in his uniform, it was going to be a different day.
I said no, he asked this question each day of the two-week break. We had various visitors over the festive period and Julian handled this very well. He actually opened his presents unassisted and without too much encouragement this year, in fact… actually he opened everyone’s presents!!
He obviously got the gist of opening the gift but had no idea of the concept behind it all or the nativity story, we can try and work on this for next year.
We did the usual, snack and drink for Santa hoping he would at least acknowledge the fact it had been ‘nibbled’ at, but this went completely unnoticed, again, work on this for next year.

The second week of the break behaviours started to manifest. This usually means Julian throwing food or rather ‘swiping’ it on to the floor. He appears to want some sort of reaction from us. We have sought advice via a team of psychologists who with Calon Cymru, they suggested that it may be Julian trying to ‘control’ certain situations, or situations that he is unsure of what may happen next. They advised no reaction. When he swipes his food to the floor, I make sure the dogs can’t get to it and just walk away. He generally waits a few minutes and then picks it all up. He was also emptying his alphabet letters on to the floor along with all of his favourite books and just leaving them in a big pile. This also suggests being in ‘control’.

Julian appeared to be really happy when he got up on the Tuesday of the new term and said ‘school’ and I replied yes!! No issues with him starting back and he appeared to settle back into his routine fairly easily. His transport assistant informed me that he had started undoing his seat belt en route to and from school, this behaviour is usual for him and we have seatbelt locks that fit on the plug of the belt and stops him from undoing it.
Two weeks into the term and Julian had started to push over children in his class, this is a behaviour similar to the swiping of food, if he does not feel confident in what is happening next in his daily routine. This recurrence of behaviours is usually indicative of Julian being tired and unsure of situations. Fingers crossed that it will settle again soon.

We recently had a networking meeting; a networking meeting is where the foster carers in your region get invited to lunch, it is very informal and a great opportunity for Calon Cymru to keep us up to date with current company and legislative policy.
We discussed a number of points this time and you then get the chance to chat and catch up with other Foster Carers whom you may not have seen for a while. Also, a great opportunity for you to seek guidance and advice from your peers, a valuable reciprocal resource.

We are eagerly anticipating the February half term; Julian can attend a holiday provision that enables him to stick to a rough routine. It is in the same setting as his school so there is no transition and he is able to have fun and experience spending time with children of different age groups and abilities.

Keep you posted over the next few weeks of some exciting plans we have for the rest of the year . . . . . signing out, for now, Daisy Doo x

*Foster Carer and Young persons name change for privacy reasons.