School Holidays as a Foster Carer

School Holidays as a Foster Carer

We have been a fostering family for the last 10 years and we really do foster as a family, it is important to us. We are a small family unit and we love what we do but we couldn’t do it without the level of support we get from Calon Cymru and our friends.

Every month I will be touching base by the way of a ‘blog’, hopefully supplying an insight into what we do. Let’s get started. I may dip in and out of historical bits and bobs – here goes.

Foster Child Eating

What a week! Half term, we love the school holidays in our house. Lots of time at home and in the garden. Monday was a Bank Holiday and was busy, my Foster Child and I went for brunch with a friend, we then went to visit another friend for the afternoon.  It all went beautifully; perhaps I should explain?

‘Julian’ (not their actual name) has additional learning needs, so to accomplish two things in one day is amazing, especially as we were away from home.  His additional needs are displayed in many ways, far too many to list, but each day is a blessing.

He has completed us as a family, that final missing piece of the jigsaw.

Some days are more difficult than others, he is very much part of our family and we always manage somehow.  I always remember that I chose to have this little one share our lives, birth parents of children with additional needs don’t have a choice or the support from an agency, we are lucky! I have been fortunate enough to be able to join some very informative workshops and meet some fantastic people via the inclusion service in our local authority. Workshops aimed specifically at helping those with special needs

Our Supervising Social Worker (SSW) visited for our supervision this week. Supervision happens every two weeks and our SSW is brilliant. He is relatively new to Calon Cymru but has already become someone we know will ‘have our backs’.  He is professional and friendly, a fantastic combination… and he likes cake! He has supported us during a recent review and seems to ask all the right questions at all the right times … a true gift in a social worker.

I had some sad news during supervision one week, the next week I received the most beautiful bouquet of flowers from the agency, such a lovely thought and brilliant to know the people you work with have empathy and sympathy for your situation and you are not just a foster carer on the books.

I become a single carer when my husband goes to work for a two-week shift, this happens every month. I am lucky to have my daughter live with us and she is a brilliant support to us.

Julian is a bit of an early bird and seems to get up even earlier during holiday times and weekends.  Once asleep, he can wake at any time, 23:00, 01:00, 02:00…  he has no concept of time, so that means I am up for the day too!  I am lucky I don’t need much sleep.

Julian has been matched to us perfectly in so many ways.  We have been Foster Carers for ten years and never been without a placement and have always had the best of support from everyone at the office . . .  always only a phone call away.

Swimming Foster Child in pool

Suffice to say half term went well, a few early mornings but the swimming pool party at the end of the week was definitely the highlight. 

Back to school and routine, looking forward to our next supervision because it is an excuse for me to eat cake too!

Blog written by: Daisy Doo*

*Foster Carer’s name has been changed for privacy reasons.