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School holidays start next week.

Well, what a busy few weeks we have had!

There has been so much going on in our household. I have started a new part-time job and have had to attend lots of training. I have a registered sitter, who happens to be a relative, and she has been invaluable support while I have attended training.  As I have mentioned in previous blogs, Julian* has additional needs, so it is important to me that when I have to leave him with anyone that he continues to be happy and feel safe. Calon Cymru fully supported me in my choice of sitter, it has helped that she is related to me and is a frequent visitor to our home. 

I discussed the new job with my Supervising Social Worker (SSW) before applying and I explained that I was able to take Julian to work with me if I wanted to and that he would benefit greatly from the social interaction. My SSW encouraged me to apply and immediately started the paperwork for my proposed registered sitter. The process was fairly simple, and I was happy knowing I had the full support from Calon Cymru in both my job application and choice of a sitter.  I was successful in getting the job, hoorah, and now I arrange privately with my sitter/relative to collect Julian and be with him if I am held up in training or work.  I pay for this additional support and am now busy trying to juggle my part-time job and a bustling household.

Julian is starting a new school in September.  He has had several transition days at the new setting and appears to be taking it in his stride … at the moment!  We had a ‘child that is looked after’ review recently and it went very well.  Everyone is happy with the way things are progressing and how well he is doing.  His social worker was able to meet a representative from Julian’s new school and we were able to pass on his ‘passport to communication’ (A Communication Passport provides a practical and person-centred approach to passing on key information about people with complex communication difficulties who cannot easily speak for themselves) for all relevant people at the school to read before he starts full time.

School holidays start next week.  We are off on holiday to America in August, fingers crossed for the flight!  This will take planning, planning and more planning but we can’t wait.  Julian will not know we are going until the day we leave as he wouldn’t understand if we told him now.  We have airport assistance and are fully supported by the Authority and Calon Cymru in giving him this valuable life experience.  I will keep you posted!

*Foster Carer’s name has been changed for privacy reasons.

*Foster Child’s name has been changed for privacy reasons.