Summer Holidays with a Foster Family

The beginning of the Autumn school term has arrived. Julian* starts a new school this week, even though he is ‘non-verbal’, he has been asking about his old school!

The six weeks of the summer holidays have flown by. I had full-time work in the first two weeks. What a shock to this old system that was, I managed 70,000 steps in the first 5 days. The diverse needs of the children I was working with was quite an eye-opener.

Must not forget the ten days we had in America.

The sunflower hidden disabilities lanyard system worked beautifully at Heathrow. We had priority boarding and I explained to the cabin crew about the need to change Julian’s nappy, and why this could not be done in their small toilets, they were very understanding. I only needed to change it once during the eight-hour flight and they allowed me to use the Cabin Crew Manager’s private area on the aeroplane. If you feel that you may need this space too then remember to talk to the crew beforehand. You won’t be the first to need it, so don’t worry about asking.

We landed in New Orleans and discovered the lanyard system was unfortunately not used in border control there. We queued for two and a half hours, and while Julian was becoming more and more agitated, as were we!
Once we got through customs and collected our hire car it was hot, and I mean hot. It was 9.30pm and the steam was rising off the pavements. We headed to our hotel and soon settled for the remainder of the night.

The rest of the holiday was awesome. We went on a swamp tour, with loads of alligators in attendance, an open-top bus tour of New Orleans, listened to live music in Jackson Park, visited the Villalobos shop and tavern.
Next stop was Memphis, where we visited Graceland, The Children’s Museum, the Bass Pro Glass Pyramid shop, and BB King’s. We travelled on trolley cars and were lucky enough to witness a movie being filmed.
Our last stop was Nashville, and even though there were lots of people we ate in an Art Deco Woolworths and chilled in a saltwater pool.

For us, Nashville Airport was not a pleasant experience, however, the cabin crew on the flight home more than made up for that. The lanyard’s worked brilliantly once again at Heathrow and we were soon on our way home.

Then back to work for the last two weeks of the holiday, Julian attended with me some days and also had some chill days at home with my daughter.

Prep for starting a new school

Transport has been arranged for Julian too and from his new school and the driver and assistant have been to introduce themselves to him. Julian is taking it all in his stride at the moment. I am sure it will take a few days for him to settle into his new routine. Despite Julian’s severe additional needs, I am super proud of how he manages on daily with these new experiences.
Next trip is to Disney in Paris for Halloween. I will check in soon and let you know how we have all transitioned as a family to the new school.

Keeping it real, as always, Daisy Doo x

*Foster Carer’s name has been changed for privacy reasons.

*Foster Child’s name has been changed for privacy reasons