Girl Preparing Christmas Tree

The Bittersweet Festive Season

A blog by Michelle, one of our fabulous Foster Carers.

My name is Michelle and I have been fostering with Calon Cymru Fostering for just over 2 years. Christmas is a key time for us in our fostering household, and it really drives home why we foster, and the amazing difference it can make to looked after children.

We have a little girl in placement with us at the moment and she is looking forward to her first ‘real’ Christmas. Sadly, her Mum told her at a very young age Santa wasn’t real. She has never had the experience of writing to Santa or leaving a carrot out for his reindeer on Christmas Eve. She has missed out on all the Christmas magic, childhood pretence, mystery and excitement that this time of year can bring.

We recently took her to choose a real tree and feed real reindeer, until then she didn’t know what they were. When asked what Christmas dinner looked like at her home normally, she said “I have pancakes, then Mum and Dad would drink and have a party”. She obviously misses her Mum, and we have had a few tears. It’s a difficult time for her, she feels torn between loyalty towards mum and what she feel towards us.

It’s so rewarding to know that we’re making a difference in her life, and bringing back the magic and joy that every child deserves.


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