Michelle - Foster Carer

The Rewards of Fostering

Michelle and Richard have been fostering with Calon Cymru for two years.

They are part of our wonderful team of Foster Carers, offering placements to children that need it most, children that have often been subjected to abuse and or neglect.

As Foster Carers they have undertaken extensive training with Calon Cymru, and receive 24/7 support to help these challenging children and young people. This is a demanding role, but it is endlessly rewarding.

The couple have experienced numerous proud moments over the last two years, but two spring to mind in particular:

“We had a 9 year old boy come to us having never been taught how to use cutlery. Fast-forward a few months and being able to take him to a restaurant where he ate and behaved impeccably was an incredible turnaround.” 

“I remember one 9 year old girl we looked after running out of school into my arms beaming that she had won an award for most improved reader. This followed many months of tears and tantrums as her education had previously been neglected. Finally, she had proof that her hard work had paid off.”

“Both times we felt very proud that we had made a difference.”

The pair have received support behaviour therapists and psychologists who are there to support our Foster Carers, as well as the young people in their care.

Richard says, We have completed many training courses and have access to Studio 3 where we can discuss problems or worries with a psychologist. They help by giving advice and strategies to deal with any situation.”

As part of the 24/7 support provided to Foster Carers, Michelle and Richard have regular contact and support from their Calon Cymru Supervising Social Worker, which Michelle describes as reassuring.

“I speak with my SSW weekly and she visits fortnightly. One of the important things for us is that we can access support at any time of the day or night. Anytime I’ve called Calon Cymru outside office hours, staff already knew who I was and knew the Foster Child we were discussing. It was reassuring and helped in a potentially challenging time.”

Michelle says, “We are very proud of what we do. We answer questions and whenever possible speak to people to spread awareness around the work Foster Carers do. There just needs to be a better understanding about looked after children.”