Travel and airport assistance for travelling abroad.

Well, we are two weeks into the school summer-break and hasn’t it been hot? 

I started my new job and it must have been the hottest summer for ages!  Julian* has been able to come with me to work with me when my husband or daughter have not been available to have him, so that has been a huge bonus. The heat has been extreme some days at work, Julian does not like the sun too much and would much prefer it be out in the rain. He has managed to keep cool at home by playing in his pool, which we have to keep topping up because he jumps about so much! 

We are off on our summer holiday this week, America bound. We are fortunate to have a fantastic travel agent that sorts out airport assistance and all of the ‘extras’ that we need for travelling with a child that is looked after and who happens to have additional needs. We use an independent travel agent in Haverfordwest, Ocky White, they are small and able to specialise. They print our tickets and boarding passes for us beforehand, arrange airport assistance, (we get priority boarding etc). 

Most airports have bought into the yellow sunflower lanyard scheme. This scheme allows someone travelling with additional needs, to be easily identifiable by airport staff. Julian would not tolerate wearing one, so as long as someone in the group is wearing it it is fine. When boarding the plane, I will discuss Julian’s needs with an air hostess and make them aware of his stimming etc.

We are always confident of support from Calon Cymru to allow us to give Julian life experiences and memories, his local authority has been fabulous too, I feel like we are all working together with one aim, to give Julian all that he needs to reach his potential . . . his potential, not one that an average child of his age could achieve, but his, which is very different and unique to him.

We have not even started packing yet! We’ve got everything we need, we just need to pack. We will have to wait until the day we fly to tell Julian that we are going on an aeroplane, as he wouldn’t understand. We took him to see ‘Zog’ last week and he thought we were going on holiday because we were all together in the car. He was amazing through the whole performance and we were lucky to find an ‘autism-friendly’ place to eat on the way home, win-win I say.

Watch this space for a post-holiday report and wish us luck . . . bon voyage and all that xx

*Foster Carer’s name has been changed for privacy reasons.

*Foster Child’s name has been changed for privacy reasons