Where dreams come true

Well, here we are, half term is over and the countdown to Christmas begins . . . .

Let’s get back to half term, we had a fabulous break. Julian went riding on Saturday and then down to the beach on Sunday where he got absolutely soaked. He ran and jumped in the water and was laughing so much. People with autism don’t always show emotions in the same way we do, and so it’s moments like these that are cherished.

As soon as Julian saw the bags and his Gruffalo case, he knew we were off on holiday. He appeared to be excited. We had a night in the ‘purple house bed’ . . . . . Premier Inn, which he loves.

Bright and early on the Thursday we headed to France, via the Euro tunnel this time, this did not appear to bother him at all. We made good time and arrived at our Davy Crocket Cabin. We decided to head to the pool after getting settled. Julian loves the water and appeared to enjoy the hour we had there. We decided to have an early night to prepare us for Disney Land the next day.

Friday morning, up and at Disney nice and early by 10am. As Julian is autistic, we were given a ‘green card’ at check-in the day before, which enabled him and 4 helpers to jump queues. This was absolutely amazing as he cannot handle waiting around and can become very agitated. Systems like this help prevent what is called a ‘meltdown’. This is when someone with autism will have sensory overload, often caused by all of the noises, bright colours, lots of faces, smells and so on. As you can imagine a meltdown could cause a lot of distress for Julian, ourselves and others around us.

The system allows you to go to the exit of the ride and show an assistant the card, the maximum we had to wait was 10 minutes. Julian loved it all and especially liked the Dumbo ride. Halfway through the day, Julian was looking tired. We had been doing a lot of walking. I hired a stroller/buggy for the rest of the day and the whole of the next day. The best 50 euros I have ever spent.

We headed out to Disney again on Saturday and went immediately to get the buggy. Julian sat happily as we walked miles again! We went into the Walt Disney Studio first half of the day and then into Disney Land the last half. We all had an amazing time and Julian appeared to love the experience.

We loved it so much we have booked again, it will be Julian’s third visit and each time he seems to be getting more aware of the characters and rides.

Now Christmas . . . . . hopefully Julian will understand it a bit more this year. Calon Cymru takes the children to pantomime each year, I have decided to try and take Julian this year so fingers crossed. My favourite bit is the Calon Cymru annual Christmas lunch . . . a chance to catch up with colleagues and friends.

That’s all for now . . . check-in again soon,

Daisy Doo x

*Foster Carer & Child’s name has been changed for privacy reasons.