Young Person’s view on Lockdown

Lockdown for me was awful because I had to spend my 18th Birthday locked up but at the same time, I had fun here and there. I done some baking, brought a few 3D gem art that kept me busy.

I was helping out my mum. I love to be kepy busy although the kids drive me crazy, and i feel as I stop keeping myself busy I’d become lazy and I don’t want that.

I also found it hard because I couldn’t see my friends or even my boyfriend but I’d Facetime call my friends and boyfriend to catch up and have a laugh. I can’t wait for Lockdown to be over so I can go out and catch up with everyone properly and have a laugh.

I miss being able to talk to people face to face but it’s lovely to be with the family, but it’s hard at the same time as of the arguments. You can’t go out and get away you just have to grin and bear it. But you got to think, everyone is going through the same thing, no one is any different. This situation is hard on anyone but what about people with mental health and physical health problems. Everyone is in the same boat, just thankful we are still alive and well.

Lockdown is hard but it’s there to keep us safe.

Blog written by CCF Young Person.