Sharon’s Statement On Bullying

Whatever the motivation or reasoning for bullying – it should not be accepted. Everyone young and older should know it is not ok in order to prevent or stop it from happening. It should not be tolerated by anyone – I say anyone as it is not always children and young people that get bullied it is adults too. At Calon Cymru Fostering we want all our Children and Young People, Foster Carers, and staff to feel they are being cared for, supported by, and working in a safe and caring environment.  Without fear of being bullied.

As an employer the agency in partnership with staff and their Foster Carers are committed to developing and maintaining an environment in which everyone can work free from bullying.

Some would say that bullying is just part of life, that it happens to most people and it is just the norm. It should not be tolerated; it is not the norm and what people fail to recognise is that many adults have carried the memories of being bullied from childhood and for many the pain continues.

We all have a part to play in tackling bullying whether it is the children and young people we care for, our colleagues or friends. Whether we are adults or children we should encourage everyone to speak out about bullying. If it is shared it can be helped, if ignored the bully’s behaviour will not change either.

At Calon Cymru Fostering our staff and Foster Carers are dedicating to protecting and educating children in our care – United against bullying.

– Sharon Cavaliere, Director of Calon Cymru Fostering