Black Lives Matter message from our Director

Dear all

I wanted to respond on behalf of Calon Cymru fostering with regards to events that have taken place in recent weeks regarding racism. We are all aware of the death of George Floyd and the impact that has had upon so many people.  We all know and maybe do not like to admit that racism has been around for so long and will continue to be unless we talk about it and challenge it. Whilst it is understandable that many are feeling injustice right now, violent acts are not the way to resolve the issue. We are also mindful that as a Social Care agency and as Social Workers and Foster Carers we have a duty of care to the children and young people placed with us.  Our aim is to advocate for them and teach them skills to manage difficult situations, combat injustice, prejudice, or discrimination but, in a way that is safe and reasonable but most importantly ensure their voice is heard.   What is important and hopefully evolving now cross the world is that people are being listened to and people are having a voice. In doing so, it is a step further in combating racism.

At Calon Cymru Fostering we have Staff, Foster Carers and children and young people who have experienced racism during their lives, and I wanted to take this opportunity to make it clear that as an organisation we do not tolerate racism in any form. We want ALL of our children and young people, our Foster Carers, and staff to work together in ensuring children feel safe and positive about who they are. Everyone has that right.  We need to lead by example.  Calon Cymru Fostering stands with Black Lives Matter in their commitment to peacefully address and challenge inequality, unfairness, and discrimination in all it’s subtle, indirect and sometimes direct forms.  We don’t all understand everything but what is important right now is that we continue learning what this movement is teaching us.

We strive to understand and empathise with those who face prejudice and inequality. To help our Foster Carers, children & young people we have put together a list of resources along with the attachment to help explain to your children and young people about the Black Lives Matter movement.

Equality for everyone.

Sharon Cavaliere – Director