Cardiff Administrator

Hi, my name is Bethan and I work in the admin team, undertaking the necessary checks on Foster Carers in the assessment process. During the lockdown we have seen a big increase in the numbers of enquiries to foster which has also meant an influx of new assessments, keeping me very busy! With an energetic 2-year-old at home, my husband and I have both had to adapt to working from home without childcare. It has not always been easy but has quickly become the new “normal” and my daughter has adapted well too. Many people are enjoying a quieter and slower pace of life during lockdown but ours seems as chaotic as ever, though we have been enjoying the sunshine!

Whilst I am missing meeting staff and carers in the office I know when we do eventually go back to office working I will likely miss my daughter, though I won’t miss the background noise of the Teletubbies!

 One part of my role I enjoy is meeting the prospective foster carers and seeing them go through panel to have their first placement, as the assessment process is such a personal journey for them. Knowing each one of them will go on to help children so in need of a safe home environment and having played a small part in that process, gives me a great sense of job satisfaction. I have massive respect for the Foster Carers in normal circumstances but especially during lockdown measures! Keep doing what you are doing it is so appreciated by everyone none more so than the children though I am sure they may not always tell you!

Whilst we may not be in the office together as an admin group, we are still able to meet up via Zoom and have a catch up and a giggle to help the weeks go by. I am so grateful for the close relationships we have as a team in these strange times.

Here is hoping that we will soon be able to move out of lockdown fully but until then keep safe, keep calm, and carry on!

Bethan Wright