Carmarthen Administrator

Hi, I’m Pauline Roper and have worked for Calon Cymru (Pathway Care before) for nearly 18 years as an Administrator in the Carmarthen office.

Homeworking for me has not been all that it is cracked up to be!  I am due to retire in 18 months and have worked for 50 years with just a 4-year break when having my 3 daughters.  (Yes, 3 children in 4 years you heard me right)!  I live on a small holding which is slightly isolated from the main village. (If Tumble can still be called a village)!

I have a strong work ethic and find it especially hard not to feel guilty for making a cup of tea and sorting my washing at the same time when I should be ‘at work’.  I’m a widow, so being alone is also a factor in this enforced stay-at-home period.  I miss the routine of getting up and going to work and found that I was getting up later and later and sitting at the laptop in my pj’s for most of the day.  It doesn’t take a psychologist to understand that it would be so easy to fall into depression during this time.  Thankfully, I am now allowed back into the office a few times a week which ensures that I do follow a routine again.  I have recommenced my DnD group (for no nerds out there that is Dungeons and Dragons Role Play Game) by using messenger video calls.  For any nerds out there, yes, I’m a DM and have played these types of games on and off-line for years.  Being able to immerse yourself in something that isn’t real actually helps you cope with the reality of having to live the way we do now.

To be honest our completely bonkers Friday Dress Up day has also helped to keep me sane.  To let out a bit of stress on being completely mad helps, you should try it.