Operational Manager

Hi, My name is Jane Jansen and I am an Operational Manager, based within the Cardiff Office. I started with Calon on the 16th March 2020 – just a few days before we went into lockdown!

Prior, to starting with Calon, I worked for Cardiff Local Authority for nearly 23 years in varying positions from Social Work Assistant to Social Worker to Team Manager (Personal Adviser service and 14+ CLA Service) My working career has predominantly been working with and alongside Children and Young People who are Looked After and Care Leavers.

It has not been easy starting a new job, whilst in lockdown, especially trying to learn the IT system remotely which has been a task in itself!!! However, the team has been absolutely amazing in making me feel welcome and so supportive which has made the transition into my new position much easier and I would like to take this opportunity and give them all a big shout out.


Equally, I have been able to meet some Foster Carers via ZOOM meetings and even in person during my first week. Again, you all have been so welcoming, which I thank you, and really look forward to meeting you and the young people when we are back to some form of ‘normality’.

I have been overwhelmed by the determination and commitment of Foster Carers and young people during this difficult time, especially when resources, like education, have been limited – well done to you all ???? and in keeping each other safe.

Whilst working in lockdown has been a challenge, home life, like for most of us, has been a challenge too. For me, both my children celebrated their birthdays in lockdown. My daughter is 15 and in year 10 of school, so she has not been able to sit her exams, which she has put so much hard work into but her saving grace has been her horse, Rosie who she sees on a daily basis and her release is going out on a hack.

As for my son who is 19, he an apprentice HG mechanic and is on furlough, he is missing work and his mates. Although, he has been reading a lot more, which is nice to see and spending time with us in the evening, mainly debating what series I should watch next, as I have binged watched peaky blinders and Game of Thrones ( to many peoples surprise, I never watched them the first time around!)

Stay safe, look after each other and I hope in the near future I get to meet you all, but in the meantime, I’m sure I will continue to get to meet you all in the virtual world.

Take care, Jane x