Operations Manager

Hi, my name is Huw Binding, I am the Operations Manager based in Carmarthen. I have worked for this agency for almost 15 years and in that time had a number of different roles, starting in October 2005 as a Supervising Social Worker. I cannot help smiling remembering there are a number of current Foster Carers whom I’ve known, worked with, and respected for all this time or were soon on my caseload after I started. I get an equal sense of pride and admiration from the many Foster Carers who have since been approved bringing with them their values, experience, and commitment to the children and young persons they provide homes for. I mustn’t forget the many happy and positive memories of working with colleagues, past, and present, that being part of this Agency has given me.

I had thought that writing this about myself now I’d be sharing my experience of having gone through coronavirus, lockdown, social distancing etc, but it is still with us and likely to be so for a while. Like everyone else the lockdown has challenged me in unexpected ways – the novelty of working from home, not from choice, was an early casualty but this was perfectly balanced by the daily reminders of how all the teams and carers in West Wales were adapting to the new circumstances, keeping in touch and being creative in overcoming any obstacles. Commitment and resilience are the two words that readily come to mind.

If anyone had said that in the space of ten weeks or so: –

  • both our children would be back living with us – this was planned, on their part for July and August, but did not involve social isolation, early notice on work and house tenancy, being furloughed etc
  • dressing up in black tie and then impersonating James Bond for a Zoom Team Call (on my non-working day, whilst having to work from home!)
  • not going to see the Tutankhamun exhibition in London (much anticipated by Sian)
  •  deliberately having a very bad hair for work (what is left of my flowing locks anyway)
  • not going to see Manchester City in the Champions League (the best team in the land and all the world)
  • be delighted to have interviewed, appointed, and have introduced a new member of staff to Foster Carers and colleagues, all via Zoom or Team talk, and still not actually met in person (Hi Sam!)
  • not going to Athens on a holiday, almost 45 years in the planning (that’s another story)
  • spending more time and sharing more information on video calls or What’s App Group messaging to colleagues and family members than previously face to face or on the phone

…..I would simply not have believed them.