Parent & Child Placement Supervising Social Worker

Hello everyone!

My name is Louise Davies and I am what is called a newbie with Calon Cymru Fostering; having joined in December 2019. Prior to this, I worked for a very busy Local Authority for 18 years, and the change (albeit scary….) has been a positive one. Calon Cymru has been very welcoming and I have thoroughly enjoyed meeting staff and carers. Thank you all!

I have been fortunate to join Calon Cymru Specialist Team for Parent and Child Placements, as a supervising social worker.  This is a new area of working for me, and I am really enjoying this experience so far.

Talking of change; this is now our twelfth week in lockdown, and change is something that we have all had to adapt to in our lives. I am so impressed with the professionalism of carers in managing the difficult situations they are faced with, along with the added pressure placed upon the young people and parents in our care. I’m sure you’d agree a very confusing and uncertain time indeed, and I’d like to thank all our carers very much for their patience and understanding; and for continuing to work together in what is more of a virtual world at the moment.

As a parent to five children, home-schooling can be a task and I have been doing my best at getting to grips with Google classroom, Purple Mash, and See-Saw educational accounts. This of course must be balanced with their Tik Tok accounts being up to date with the latest dance moves daily! This situation has forced my learning of the welsh language …  my children know I do not understand everything, and I’m sure they use this to their advantage when they can ????. On a positive note, teenager ZOOM sleepovers are fantastic, the way forward and a definite in the future!

We had a new addition to our family in February 2019; our Cockapoo Jac Rees. Due to lockdown, he has been unable to socialize as we would have liked.  Therefore, he has developed an attachment with me and likes to howl like a wolf when I am out of sight! He steals my shoes and clothes and does not like the word ‘bedtime’; he will usually start his hiding games around 7pm in preparation for his bedtime at 10pm.

A juggling act for us all: my fridge has never been stocked then emptied so quickly, and my cooker and washing machine has never been used so much. However, I am thankful, and I am sure you are too, of the beautiful sunshine we have seen.

I am so grateful to have been able to join the wonderful team of staff and carers at Calon Cymru Fostering: thank you all once again for everything you do. I will look forward to the time where we can all meet again.

Cadwch yn Ddiogel, Cymerwch Ofal

Stay Safe, Take Care

Louise Davies