P&C Placement Support Worker

Hi, my name is Andrea Cox and I am the Placement Support Worker for the Parent and Child Service, I am based in the Cardiff office of Calon Cymru Fostering Agency and have been employed in this role for 9 years.

The lockdown has changed the way I work; however, I feel blessed to be a part of a such a fantastic team of staff and carers and we are keeping in touch on a regular basis thanks to modern day technology.

What I miss most currently is visiting the foster carers and parents I work with, I am completing work with parents supporting them with housing, and debts, safe sleep and accessing online paediatric first aid courses. I have put together a weekly newsletter for parents in placement and their foster carers where we are sharing recipe and craft ideas, films we recommend as well as ways to talk and play with your baby to help their development.

Calon Cymru has also provided a wide range of online courses for staff to access, the ‘domestic violence’ course I am working through now is really interesting and will enable me to support vulnerable parents.  

I am lucky in that I work alongside an amazing group of support workers and we have been publishing a weekly flyer filled with activities, quizzes, competitions, and recipes for our children we look after. We love receiving pictures of the things they have made, the walks they have been on and of them opening and enjoying the prizes we have sent them for taking part.