Placements administrator

Placements Administrator

Hello, I’m Sam Osborne and I am a Placements Administrator with Calon Cymru. I am usually squirreled away upstairs, so I’m probably a new face to most of you! My role mainly revolves around placement referrals – a lot of IT work and data entry. On a daily basis, I am usually very busy keeping track of contracts, vacancy lists, petty cash, figures, uploading referrals, and processing placement paperwork, but can also be found doing odd things around the office, like building shelves and being an unofficial tech support for the social workers. Luckily, lockdown has not changed my role overly much as all my contact with local authorities is generally over email and via phone anyway, although it has been strange and rather lonely not being able to see everyone in the office every day.

Lockdown has been a big change for me personally. Due to living with someone with a chronic illness I’ve not really been able to leave the house at all (not even for groceries!) and my usual trip to see my family in Cambridgeshire had to be postponed. Although I have had some down days, I have been trying to look at the positive sides of lockdown. Not commuting to work has meant I have a lot more time and energy for my hobbies. I’ve been keeping busy drawing, crocheting, and have started growing a variety of houseplants. I have also been having a weekly games night with friends who live far away and who I don’t see very often. Not to mention I have no pets or kids to entertain!

It is an extremely tough time for everyone, I never thought I’d be living through a historic event like this, but it has created a real sense of community which has been invaluable. Hearing of the amazing work our foster carers have been doing never fails to warm my heart, and I am extremely overjoyed to be working with such lovely people and for a caring company.