Supervising Social Worker

Hi! I’m Rhea, one of Calon’s Supervising Social Workers. I’ve worked for Calon Cymru Fostering since August 2016 and have recently returned to work from maternity leave. If I’m honest I was really looking forward to returning to work, catching up with colleagues and carers, and drinking a hot cup of tea! Obviously, it wasn’t meant to be and I ‘returned to work’ (read: Sat at a desk in my living room with a toddler clambering all over me) in the middle of lockdown!

It has certainly been a completely different way of working but thankfully technology has allowed us all to remain connected. It has been really nice video calling the carers, children and young people and hearing about how they are all managing lockdown. I’ve been really impressed how everyone has just got on with it and taken the new normal in their stride. I think it has also really helped being part of a really supporting team and I’ve enjoyed our online Staff Quiz during Friday lunchtimes!

At times, lockdown has felt really isolating and challenging but it has also made me realise what is important. Fortunately, I have lovely neighbours and we have all been looking out for each other during this time. I’ve enjoyed going on walks and seeing the rainbows that children have placed in their windows and somehow this has made me feel more connected to my community. I have really missed seeing my friends and family but with lockdown being slightly eased I’m hoping to see more of them soon, albeit from a distance.

Let’s keep looking out for one another and get through this together!