Supervising Social Worker

Hi! My name is Emily Tolchard and I have been with Calon Cymru for just over 6 months working in the Carmarthen office. Prior to working with Calon Cymru I worked in a local authority for nearly 5 years. Making the move to Calon Cymru was a big change but the transition was made so easy thanks to all the lovely staff and carers – your all amazing. ????

We are now in our 14th week of lockdown and with so many changes that have taken place, what never changes are how fantastic our carers are!  You continue to support children in your care through this difficult and uncertain time with utmost patience and understanding. Not forgetting how incredible all the children are and how well they have adapted to such big changes during lockdown. Your all wonderful! For me personally, not being able to visit my carers to support them has been difficult but hearing theirs and the children’s voices always brightens my day!

When lockdown began in March, I for one did not imagine it would go on for as long as it has done. Since working for Calon Cymru, I have spent more time working from home than I have office working (the old way of working – one that is become a distant memory to most of us!). We continue to work virtually holding meetings via skype, zoom or teams something I never thought I would see and have never experienced in my career! That being said, I think we have adapted very well to the “new normal”.

The lockdown has taught me the importance of remaining connected and supporting each other as colleagues, friends, and family.