Supervising social worker

Supervising Social Worker

Hi everyone,

My name is Katie Jones and a lot of you may already know me. I have been with the agency for a year now and the last year has flown by! I have enjoyed every minute of working for Calon Cymru, a positive career change after working for a very busy Local Authority.

Life as we all know it changed drastically in the last 8 weeks when the UK went into lockdown. Let’s face it it has not been easy. My hair is grey, my eyebrows are out of control and I simply cannot stay away from the fridge! My house has turned into a snack heaven and I am sure a lot of you can relate.

Through this time the agency has been so supportive, and I cannot thank everyone enough for their help. As some of you may be aware, as well as work, I’m also juggling the daily struggle of trying to manage a very headstrong toddler and a little, yappy six-year-old dog who thinks he can take on every delivery man possible. It has been tough on occasions especially when my little girl has burst into the room when I have been in the middle of a review shouting “chocolate egg!”.

I would also like to thank the carers – every one of you has adapted to the recent changes so positively and we recognise that in addition to your role as carers you have also had to take on the role of home schooling, which is no easy task! I am aware this has not been easy, but you have taken it in your stride to do what you can, and I am confident that with all your hard work the children in your care will have continued to learn so much.

On behalf of the agency I would personally just like to say a huge thank you to our carers, you have all been an asset to Calon Cymru and we are so grateful for everything you do. Keep doing what you are doing, and all stay safe.

Katie Jones – Supervising Social Worker