Trying to decide is Fostering is right for you?

Are you trying to decide if Fostering is right for you?

It’s great you’re already thinking about becoming a Foster Carer, we need people like you with a genuine desire to make a difference and with lots of love to give to vulnerable children.

We expect you’ve seen and read a lot about the practical requirements of fostering, a spare bedroom, ability to drive and time to offer a young person. But what about the more demanding aspects of being a Foster Carer?

We’ve put together a handy list of things that make a great Foster Carer, so you can decide whether you’re up to the challenge….


A strong support system

In order to provide a stable environment for a child you’ll need a big support system behind you. Inevitably you’ll meet a big group of like minded people through carer support groups and get to know your supervising social worker extremely well. Fostering is demanding and its important that you get involved, take time for yourself and remember there is no harm in asking for help or advice when times get tough!



Being flexible in your approach is key to be a great Foster Carer. Each child is different and will have had different experiences already – you’ll need to be able to adapt to each new child that comes into your home. What works for one is unlikely to work for the next.



You’ll receive lots of training and support from Calon Cymru to help you to understand the young people coming into your care but ultimately its your ability to empathise that’s going to make you a great Foster Carer. This means understanding what a child has been through, whether that’s abuse, neglect or the loss of a parent and helping them overcome their challenging start to life.


Sense of humour  

Laughing things off will become hard at times. It can feel deeply personal when a young person battles against you, but you need to remember their behaviour is not about you and there’s most often a reason behind it. It’s about digging deep and trying to understand the young person in your care.


Ability to build relationships and communicate 

When you become a Foster Carer you become part of a big team helping to support that child. You’ll need to communicate well with your social worker, who will visit you frequently, as well as other professionals such as teachers, behavioural therapists and the local authority.

Sometimes these relationships will extend to the child’s birth family when contact is still an option.


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