What Fostering Means To Me

Fostering means so many things to different people;

Being a foster carer can enrich your life. It’s a very rewarding career, knowing how you can change someone’s life for the better is an incredible feeling.

“Fostering has given me a real chance to improve children’s lives. I see fostering as a career and my job is to keep the children safe, help them grow and to improve their outcomes.”
– Suzzanne (CCF, Foster Carer)

To a foster child, having a foster parent in their life can guide them, nurture, encourage and provide them with opportunities that they may not have been able to experience.

“My Foster Carer has made me feel like I’m part of her family. I feel like her home is my home as well. She thinks about how I feel and is always there to make me feel better. She never gives up on me and I couldn’t have asked for anyone better to look after me, other than my mum. I don’t ever feel like I’m judged here and I respect my foster carer so much and have a ton of respect and admiration for everything she has done for me.”
– Olivia (Foster Child)

Types of Fostering

Fostering provides a child or young person with a full-time safe and nurturing environment for those who cannot live with their parents at a point in time. There are many different types of foster care available; some young people need a long-term place of residence, others may stay for short-term while problems at home are resolved or some parents may need a bit of help and support with their baby.

To find out more about the types of fostering we offer throughout South East Wales and South West Wales

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