Foster carer pay, allowance and benefits

Fostering Allowance and benefits for foster carers.

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A competitive allowance

All of our foster carers receive a competitive foster carers allowance. 

The benefits of fostering are priceless, but we recognise how crucial it is for foster carers to be reimbursed financially as well. Hence, in addition to our unrivalled training and assistance, we provide a competitive fostering allowance. We also offer payments for celebrations, birthdays, and holidays. 

How are the allowances calculated? 

There are a number of factors that influence the amount of the fostering allowance carers receive. These include the children's ages and any special requirements, the type of fostering placement, and your abilities and expertise. You may decide to provide therapeutic care for a child or young person as you gain knowledge, skills, and confidence as a carer. This will require further training and support for the child, consequently increasing your fostering allowance. 

How much do foster carers get paid?

You can find out how much you could be paid as a foster carer by using our fostering allowance calculator.

Allowance calculator

Benefits when fostering with us

At Calon Cymru Fostering, we value our foster carers and offer a comprehensive set of benefits as part of our package. You'll join a close community of like-minded carers who will make you feel valued from the start, and everyone will feel welcomed and instantly become part of the Calon Cymru fostering family.

Group 1828

A dedicated social work team available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to support you

Group 1828 1

A dedicated social worker and a team of support workers supporting and working with you

Group 1833

A foster carer ‘buddy’ someone who has been through the process and is a foster carer with us

Group 1828

Regular training and support to boost your knowledge, skills and confidence

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We offer a competitive allowance and benefits packages for all our carers

Group 1833

Our carer-led initiatives include regular support groups and activities for all carers

Group 1828

Family outings and social events for all

Group 1828 1

Cost of living support and petrol allowances

Group 1833

Exclusive access to a rewards platform with thousands of high-street discounts

Fostering Home

Team catch up's, by foster carer Daisy Doo*

''We are meeting for coffee and biscuits and a good old-fashioned catch-up. Carers, supervising social workers and managers meet and discuss a little bit of business, anything that is relevant and important for us as a team to be kept up to date. The networking meetings are held regionally, and we have a whole team meet-up regularly too.''


Common Questions

Yes! Several mortgage lenders will allow you to use your entire fostering income, and there are even some mortgage lenders/products designed exclusively for foster carers.

You are not automatically disqualified from fostering if you are in debt. Because everyone's circumstance differs, this would be explored during the fostering assessment and approval process. If you want to foster but are worried about your debt affecting your eligibility, don't be. To obtain more information, please contact us for a completely confidential and informal talk.

Yes, residing in low-income housing does not prevent you from becoming a foster carer.

In general, the foster allowance is calculated based on the number of children or young people you are caring for. Their type of placement influences the level of allowance paid.

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