You could give a teenager a chance to make the right life decisions. Teenagers need a stable, loving environment just as much as a baby or toddler, and it could be even more rewarding.


Fostering often conjures images of babies and young children, but we are frequently asked if our foster carers can provide placements for older children and young people. Fostering teenagers is a service we are proud of offering and we want to encourage people to consider looking after teens in the short term or the long term.  

Being a role model to young people in care could be a huge step in allowing them to make the right decisions in their own lives. You could be a key part of their development and a challenge that you thrive on.  

Teenagers in care have often been through trauma, neglect and abuse where routine and stability would not have been present growing up. So, these young people must have an opportunity to develop and to be nurtured positively. This is where you come in. We will provide you with support throughout your placements and allocate you an experienced supervising social worker, along with comprehensive training and guidance that will equip you with the tools you need to handle complex cases.  

Your role will be to provide a stable home and a healthy environment and provide them with understanding and guidance to establish boundaries. All of this will teach a teenager essential life lessons to take with them as they move toward adulthood. 

Do you think you can change the life of a local vulnerable child or young person?

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