Care+ is a therapeutic service to support children and young people who have experienced early neglect and trauma.

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What is Care+ 

Care+ is a therapeutic service that directly supports children and young people who have experienced early neglect and trauma.

The Care+ service provides specific care to young people whilst giving you the support package you need, structured to meet the individual needs of young children.

This service focuses on developing regulation and resilience for children and young people and is attachment-based and trauma-informed. Our foster carers will create a therapeutic environment with a professional team. This is based on nurturing and non-shaming care resulting in placements which are not only stable but thriving. 

What are the benefits of Care+?

Foster carers can benefit the following from the Care+ package:

Group 1829

Monthly clinical support for the foster carer with a qualified clinician

Group 1834

Fortnightly formal supervision with carers

Group 1829 1

Contact with supervising social worker between supervision

Group 1829

A monthly written report by the supervising social worker

Group 1834

24/7 out-of-hours support provided by an experienced staff group

Group 1829 1

A dedicated sessional support worker for the child or young person

Group 1829

Ongoing professional development of foster carers via our Learning and Development Programme

Group 1834

Access to specialist support groups

There will also be professional practice meetings as required to ensure all those involved with the child or young person work in partnership, including the Local Authority social worker and education provider.  

You will not be alone when fostering with Calon Cymru Fostering. Our dedicated support teams in South and West Wales will ensure you have help to hand 24/7 plus ongoing training throughout your fostering journey. 

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