Parent & Child Fostering

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Parent and child fostering
Mum and Son

A Parent and Child foster placement (also called P&C) allows parents to demonstrate or learn how to look after their baby over an initial 12-week period with the help and support of a foster carer.  

As the foster carer, your role is to support the parent(s) in looking after their baby. You wouldn’t provide hands-on care for the baby but help mentor the parent, improve their confidence, and potentially break a cycle of neglect. 

As well as having an allocated, experienced supervising social worker, a specialist placement support worker will provide additional assistance to work with the parent(s). Your recorded observations will also be shared with other professionals, such as local authority social workers, health visitors, and children’s guardians.  

Some of the parents you might help will have come from very different backgrounds to your own. They may not have a positive experience of family life or parenting, so they find it challenging to accept that living within a stable household, with some basic rules and boundaries, will benefit them in caring for their baby.  

Your role as a P&C carer can help break this cycle, improving the lives of both parent and baby, effectively breaking a cycle of neglect and negativity. P&C placements can be challenging but are incredibly rewarding as explained by David and Lindzi below.

Parent and Child Foster Carers

Insights into Parent and Child Fostering

Meet David and Lindzi and hear their personal insights into parent a child fostering. They embarked on this type of fostering when remembering the difficulties they faced raising their own children. They recalled how having a strong support network was vital for them as new parents, and wanted to be there to support those who don’t have that network around them.


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