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Our frequently asked questions and responses about fostering...

No! Everyone has experiences and knowledge they can bring to fostering, whether old or young. You could be a foster carer if you have a safe home, time to commit, and love to give to a child or young person. 

No, you can foster in rented accommodation as long as your landlord agrees. 

Yes! Pet ownership among foster families is really common. Having animals in the home can be very beneficial for foster children and young people.

No, we have a lot of single foster carers at Calon Cymru. However, having a support network around you will be essential, even if this is family and friends. 

Of course! At Calon Cymru we are proud to have a diverse family of foster carers. This diversity ensures a wide range of backgrounds and experiences that can benefit the children we care for in Wales.

Unfortunately, we only accept applications from people who can drive, as appointments, meetings, and safe transportation are very important. In addition, many of the children will have contact with parents and loved ones which you would have to take them to, and there is also a potential that some young people’s educational needs could not be met at a local school. 

This depends on the placement you have. You must be available to attend meetings, and training, ensure your foster child is at school, collect them, and supervise them, as fostered children cannot be at home alone. If you have a job that allows you to work flexibly or from home, you can discuss this with us. 

Having a criminal record does not automatically stop you from becoming a carer. However, it will depend on the offence, how long ago it was etc. If you have a criminal record, you can speak to us, and we can advise you if it is a problem. 

Absolutely not, we are always looking for foster carers from different backgrounds, cultures and religions. Speak with us today.

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