You could provide a stable, nurturing home for a child or young person, directly impacting their development and future. You would treat them as part of your family, and the reward would be seeing them thrive and grow into a happy, successful individual.

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Long-term fostering allows foster carers to permanently provide a safe, stable and secure home for a vulnerable young person. They will become a part of your family where they can feel at ease and settle in. You can break the cycle of neglect and positively influence their development.  

Long-term foster is different from adoption because the child is still under the local authority's care. The child or young person may still contact their birth family if it is safe.  

Children looking to go into a long-term placement may have already been with several foster homes or care homes. This type of placement offers children and young people stability that will help them grow up with a brighter future. In addition, it is an extremely rewarding challenge.  

Deciding what type of foster care will suit you can be difficult. You might want to help as many young people as possible in a shorter period. Check out our page on short-term foster care for more information. 

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