Fostering Siblings

When a child comes into foster care, it can be a very difficult time. Being separated from their siblings can make this worse. In many cases, it is in the children’s best interests to be placed together, and is always our objective. Fostering siblings is a very rewarding experience that can enrich your life. It’s all the rewards of fostering one child – multiplied!

Every sibling group is different and each one comes with its unique challenges.

We are not trying to sugar-coat it for you. Fostering siblings comes with its challenges just like any other type of fostering. For example, one of the children might have had to parent the rest of the sibling group or have delayed development or health issues. They may have experienced neglect and abuse. Calon Cymru offer extra support to Foster Carers to reflect the additional demands that come with fostering siblings.

If you like being busy then fostering siblings will definitely keep you on your toes!

We believe that keeping siblings together where appropriate is vital in maintaining their physical and mental well being.

Siblings share more than just their DNA. They share their lives and we need Foster Carers to help siblings in care grow up in a loving stable environment together and you could help this happen. Calon Cymru Fostering will be there every step of the way to support you in keeping siblings together.


Claire’s Story

Clair grew up in care with her sister, Siobhan, and we asked her some questions about her experience with her Foster Carers and the importance of growing up with her sister.

You can watch the stories of other Foster Carers and care leavers on our Testimonials page. Also, Scroll below to read more about what Claire and Siobhan have to say about their experience of fostering. Or, go back to see if their is another type of fostering suited to you.

If you want any further information, or think you could help keep siblings together, speak to our friendly team on 029 2081 1173 or enquire today.

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Meet Claire & Siobhan

Siobhan and Claire are sisters and were placed with their Calon Cymru foster family in 1999. “It was so, so important to be placed with my sister. It’s nice to have someone who is related to me in the house growing up. We see our Foster Carers as family, but it is different having someone who is related to you.” “To have been able to grow up with my sister has been amazing. [Before foster care] Growing up was hard as I was used to taking care of our other siblings. I don’t think I would be here today without my foster parents and my sister.”

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