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A Little Bit of 'Normal'

A Little Bit Of Normal

Hi, hope everyone is doing okay?

Well, we have had a half term here in Wales.  The weather was good for the first half of it so we were able to do bits and bobs (restrictions allowing).  Each time I sit to write this blog, I wonder how everyone copes with their foster children being at home all day every day.  It fuddles our heads and it is difficult to differentiate between the working week and the weekends.  I guess we all have our coping strategies, but how must our young people be feeling with so much change over the past year?  Transitions and change can often bring on behaviour that challenges in our children and young people.  Calon Cymru staff and your Supervising Social Worker can help you access the training you may need to get you through and suggest coping strategies to support you whist experiencing difficult behaviour.

Julian attended a holiday play scheme over half term which was a little step to getting back to our usual routine.  He was able to socialise with his peers and play outside in a safe setting that was COVID risk assessed.  A little bit of ‘normal’ in an otherwise strange situation.  His behaviour leading up to attending the scheme had been quite erratic, tipping toys and books and destroying DVD cases, which is his way of communicating his anxiety.  Thankfully, since holiday play scheme he has appeared to be a lot calmer and more himself. 

Moving forward, with restrictions being lifted slowly but surely, we can hopefully begin to access what our beautiful country has on offer.  Julian has been asking to stay in ‘the purple house bed’ for the last few days (Premier Inn).  I have booked a night away for us and hope restrictions will be lifted enough for us to travel a little distance soon.

Calon Cymru have an initiative to get us all active through February by contributing exercise miles to a challenge.  Positive activities such as this can help carers to stay focused and look after themselves too in such an unprecedented time.  I have tried to fit in some miles myself and hope to add some more before the month end.

Well, that’s all for now, keep safe and keep going, there is an end in sight.


Daisy Doo and Julian too signing out for now x


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Date published

02 March 2021

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