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Back Into the Swing of Things

Back Into The Swing Of Things

Hi all,

Children are back to school after a very tumultuous year. In school, out of school, in for a couple of days then not in again! Our children have done well, and we should all be proud of ourselves for the continuity of a high standard of care whether in or out of school.

Just like our children, we all need continuity of learning to keep our skill set up to date. Throughout the pandemic, Calon Cymru have continued to offer a high level of training for their carers. This training has been delivered virtually and as restrictions are being lifted in Wales, the hope is to start face to face training again soon. The interaction and support that the carers receive from each other whilst in a training session can never be underestimated. Training for September/October consists of ‘Child Development Ages 0 – 18’, ‘Equality and Diversity’, ‘Child Exploitation and Online Protection’, ‘Understanding Attachment’ and ‘Health and the Developing Child’.

Currently, the training is online so how would you access it? All foster carers will receive an email from admin to inform them of the training sessions that are currently being offered. This email will contain login details and passwords and it is as simple as that. Three hours of invaluable training that will enable us to support our placements through trauma and past experiences and how to keep them safe. Knowledge is powerful, arming ourselves with the appropriate tools will enhance our care giving expertise.

Calon Cymru has an excellent training record, all carers are encouraged to keep their training records up to date. There are core subjects that need to be covered as part of your ongoing accreditation as a carer.

I am booking a space for each of the above sessions and am looking forward to seeing my colleagues, albeit virtually for now.

Take it easy, enjoy the return to school, hopefully it will be as ‘usual’ this term and Julian has really missed the routine.

Daisy Doo and Julian too xx




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Date published

15 September 2021

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