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Becoming a Foster Carer

Blog 17 Image Erin Rose

The country is desperate for foster carers, and within my role as a foster carer I encourage people to think hard about changing their current role and see fostering as a positive change of lifestyle.

The role is not a 9 -5 job, and its certainly not for everyone. Did you know that you don’t have to have specific qualifications? A spare bedroom, the ability to drive and a clean lifestyle is all we ask.

I had worked in the veterinary field since leaving college. I had loved my career but knew it was time to move on. The hours were no longer allowing me to have a life, I was fed up with constantly repeating myself and being treated like an unappreciated number.

My partner and I had no care qualifications and our only experience was bringing up our teenage daughter. How could we predict if we could cope? You hear all the stories about children in care being the worst in society, how you will never be able to go to a restaurant, they will hurt your pets. I’m now ashamed to say for a long time I believed these stories.

That was until I made the effort to find out the truth. I spoke to Calon Cymru several times, I asked lots of questions – this was a huge decision to make. Let me reassure you, if you are thinking of making a change to your work and home life, Calon Cymru will never pressure you into anything.

They encourage you to have chats with carers and staff. The amount of work that goes into matching you with the correct placement is extremely important to them, this is one of the main reasons we chose Calon Cymru. What’s the point in placing a child who is not suitable, and will have to be moved within a short period of time? It’s not fair on anyone and causes more harm and distress.

Becoming a foster career has probably been one the most rewarding changes I have ever made. It has allowed me to dramatically change my life. Our family has grown, we have more fun, we do more activities, and we laugh more. We have made many new friends and regularly meet up for support meetings and activity days.

We didn’t want young children. Our lifestyle wouldn’t allow this – you can’t take a baby rock climbing or SUPing. The money side of things always seems to be an issue but why? If you are thinking of fostering, these are the questions that need to be answered – fairy dust won’t pay the bills. Come along to a recruitment event with a list, that is what we are there for. You can ring the office as many times at you want – its ok. Calon Cymru want this to work as much as you.

I hope this inspires you a little, I ask if there is a small chance of you becoming a foster carer, get all the information, start the process and hopefully we will see you at a fun day soon.


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Date published

16 November 2022

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