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Finding The Perfect Match

Holding Hands

This week we hear from Calon Cymru foster carer Erin Rose*, who shares her experience of waiting for a second placement to welcome into her home.


We’ve had some good news recently that we are finally confident to share with you. We have been matched with our second placement! It’s taken around eight months and a lot of emotional anxiety, but with the expert help and advice from our Supervising Social Worker  at Calon Cymru we have been carefully matched with a young person. 


You may read this and think of us in a negative way, why has it taken so long when there are so many children desperately waiting for loving foster homes? It sounds a straightforward process, doesn’t it?  Let me explain about my situation. 


We have a wonderful young lady who has lived with us for 6 years. Her needs are complex, and any future placement had to be equally fitting to her as us.  We chose to only take on a younger female, but no younger than 8. After speaking with our Supervising Social Worker we devised a list of needs and exclusions.  You need to be as honest and realistic as possible.   


Whenever I got a phone call from my Supervising Social Worker telling me about a potential placement, I would write as much information down as possible. It’s an exciting time, the rush you get of a new child possibly coming into your life is so exhilarating. I would explain at the end of the call that I needed time to talk with the rest of the family and would call back. When I did, I would often ask for a little more information or clarity, and I would get that. 


Calon Cymru have always excelled when providing support, their matching protocols equally as stringent.  The matching process is vital.  If the match is not right, there is a much higher chance of the placement breaking down and the child being moved.  Every time a child is moved it causes hurt and upset for all parties.


As a foster carer, when you are asked about taking on another placement make a list of questions to ask, there are no silly questions – you are opening up your home! Never feel pressured or coaxed into a situation that feels wrong. When you have the right match, the placement will bring you great joy and allow the child to thrive whilst in your care. 


Follow your instinct, its usually right. 



* Name changed to protect the identity of the foster carer, the children and young people in their care


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Date published

04 April 2023

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