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Foster Carer Job Description

Job Description

Hi all,

I thought I would start the New Year by compiling a job description for a foster carer . . . here goes…

1. Friendly and empathetic
2. Loving
3. Caring
4. Hard working
5. Conscientious
6. Reliable
7. Punctual
8. Good at record keeping
9. First aider
10. Counsellor
11. Hugger
12. Security guard
13. Laundry attendant
14. Play worker
15. Psychologist
16. Physiotherapist
17. Negotiator
18. IT consultant
19. Holiday Rep
20. Caterer
21. Multi agency contributor
22. Child protection
23. Data protection
24. Housekeeper
25. Accountant
26. Educator
27. Storyteller
28. Administrator
29. Friend
30. Chauffeur
31. Timekeeper
32. Play coordinator
33. Translator
34. Protector
35. Painter and decorator
36. Gardener
37. Kitchen assistant

...the list goes on. All transferable skills from everyday life. Now all you need is a spare bedroom and the ability to rise to a challenge. These attributes and the support of a small but beautifully formed fostering agency, is all you need to offer a child or young person the chance to thrive, feel safe and build a secure base for an achievable, reachable potential, watch them grow.

Pick up the phone and ask to speak to someone in recruitment for an informal chat. It will change and enhance your life, the best decision we ever made and we are thankful we chose Calon Cymru to guide us along the way.

Have a Happy and Prosperous 2022 . . . be checking in again soon, keep safe,

Daisy Doo and Julian too xx


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Date published

06 January 2022

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