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Getting ready for Christmas with Daisy Doo*

Getting Ready For Christmas With Daisy Doo (800 X 600 Px)

Hi all,

Well, it is that time of year again. Not long until the big man dressed in red appears at all of our homes with gifts for all to enjoy. It is also the time that we have to be mindful that people celebrate Christmas in different ways. 

The beginning of December is the ideal time to have a chat with your placement to discuss what they would like to do at Christmas if they are able to.  Maybe they like the tree put up the night before or even in November, (oops too late).

What would they like for Christmas, what Christmas food do they like, do they like a stocking at the foot of their bed or on the fireplace?  Lots to decide. Discussions enable you to help them through the traumatic Christmas period, the placement is not able to be with their family. Discussions could help it be potentially less stressful. . . a traditional time that families get together to celebrate and enjoy a sense of peace may not be how they remember their Christmas’ at home.

Whatever you decide to do, do not put undue pressure on them to conform to your traditions and expectations. They may expect gifts from their birth family and feel sad and low when they don’t get anything. Be prepared for fallout … do not blame and accuse them of being ungrateful for the gifts that ‘Santa’ has left. It is the most difficult time of the year for them.

There is always someone on duty at Calon, 24/7 even over Christmas. Foster Carers for Calon, should have, by now, received the allowance to buy Christmas presents for the placement.  Calon Cymru does this as soon as they can to allow you to do the ‘Santa’ shopping.

All Foster Carers are being taken out regionally for Christmas lunch, courtesy of the agency. This is an ideal time to get together and get advice for the festive period if you are new to fostering or, indeed if you have been fostering for a while.

For me, this is the start of celebrations, decorations are going up today, Baileys is chilling, and lists and letters sent to Santa have been written. Enjoy, relax and have fun, whatever you decide to do.

Best wishes for the festive season

Daisy Doo and Julian too xx


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Date published

06 December 2023

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