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Helen and Alun celebrate two decades as foster carers

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Helen and Alun Finney are celebrating 20 years as dedicated Calon Cymru foster carers. In this time, they have provided a loving and stable home for over 20 children and young people from across South Wales.


Helen and Alun have shown an unwavering commitment and determination to never give up on a child. Throughout their fostering career they have faced numerous challenges but have always remained steadfast in their support and guidance for the children and young people in their care. This persistence and resilience has resulted in numerous success stories, including their current foster child who is thriving in school and has aspirations to attend university.


Over the last two decades, Helen and Alun have provided a safe and nurturing home to children who have returned to live with their birth families, as well as children who have gone on to adoption. In several cases, the couple has continued to support the children and young people they have fostered after they have moved on. This is a testament to their genuine care and concern for the well-being of the children and young people who have passed through their front door.


What sets Helen and Alun apart is not only their dedication to children and young people but also their ability to weather the ups and downs of the challenging but rewarding role of a foster carer. They have continued to foster through the good times and the bad, showing a level of commitment and resilience that is truly remarkable. Next year, they will also be celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary, a testament to their strong partnership.


In speaking of reaching this milestone, the couple said:

“We’ve enjoyed every minute. Throughout the years we’ve always received good support from Calon Cymru. It’s never been easy, but the rewards make it all worthwhile. If anybody is thinking about fostering, we can’t recommend it enough”.


Helen and Alun's 20 years of fostering with Calon Cymru is a remarkable achievement that deserves recognition and appreciation. Their selfless dedication to providing a loving and stable home for children across South Wales has had a significant impact on young lives. We are incredibly grateful for their service and congratulate them on their well-deserved milestone.


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Date published

16 April 2024

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