Making Memories

Hi all,

Another month has come to an end and Easter will soon be upon us. Holidays are on the horizon and thoughts of where to go and what to do surface. Is it safe to go? Where shall we venture to? Is there somewhere I can go to for advice on suitable places to take children that are looked after?

We are going to venture out as much as possible this year. We are going to be camping as much as we can in sunny Wales, making the most of the weekends and the beautiful area in which we live. Just going to a camp site a couple of miles away from home is an adventure many children who are looked after don’t get to experience.

Being close to home has lots of advantages. If the mini break is not working out for you all, you can always go home and you can always nip back for forgotten items.

Julian loves camping. He doesn’t really understand the concept, he just likes sleeping in the van. As long as we are there, he is happy. We get to take our little furry friend too, so it is a win win situation.

You can venture to other countries. Have a discussion with your supervising social worker and the child’s social worker to see if it is possible. Once the discussions have been held, if allowed, the fun part is choosing where to go. We have been to some amazing places with Julian, it is all about making positive memories to make the negative ones less significant. If you can’t decide where to go or you would like some advice, chat to some other foster carers, they may be able to suggest some places that they have taken their young people to. Calon Cymru may be able to offer some suggestions too; having received positive feedback from carers that have had successful breaks away.

Life is for living; get out there and create memories for you all to look back on with fondness. Create little albums of places you have visited, for you all to have to look back on fondly. There is always someone in the office to help you through the process.

Take Care

Daisy Doo and Julian too xx


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Date published

25 March 2022

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