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My journey so far as a Parent and Child foster carer

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Linda Hughes has been fostering with Calon Cymru since August 2023. She specialises in Parent and Child fostering, which is a specialist type of fostering where a parent or parent(s) and their child live with foster carers for a set amount of time. In part two of Linda’s story, she tells us why she chose to foster with Calon Cymru and explains about the assessment to become a foster carer, as well as the training she has so far received.


I chose to foster with Calon Cymru as I wanted to be with a smaller agency that I thought would give a personal support to the families and be in a position to support me as a foster carer. In the interview process and support since I haven’t been disappointed.


When you are going through the assessment to become a foster carer, it is important to be patient. The process of assessment takes time and a lot of research into you as an individual and your family and friends network. This is vital considering the work you will be carrying out with the young people and families. The assessment process to become a foster carer also includes training leading up to the interview panel and helps you to decide if this is the right path for you.


The initial new foster carer training was crucial in setting out the role, with safeguarding and the Children Looked After procedures and legal routes covered. I have also attended lots of further training including courses focussed on disguised compliance, vicarious trauma and resilience, and harmful sexual behaviours and relationships. There are multiple courses available online and in person to support the role.  The quality of the courses has been excellent and includes in-house training and specialist services via teams.


With regards to the support I receive, there is ongoing supervision with an allocated Social Worker whom I see regularly. I would absolutely recommend Calon Cymru; I have found the service to be professional and caring to both myself and the service users. Every individual I have met throughout the process has provided an excellent approach throughout.


If I had to give any advice, I would encourage anyone in the foster care sector to access all the training available to equip you for the job ahead. I would also say to be confident in your own abilities to support a parent or child from your own life experiences but be prepared to ask for support from the professionals as needed.


Seek support during the placement and use your supervision to reflect on the process, be kind to yourself, and be realistic about what you can cope with.


Enjoy the placement.


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Date published

15 March 2024

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