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Our Special Family Tree

Yvonne Brian
When we first started fostering nearly 18 years ago with Pathway Care, now Calon Cymru, our first placement was 3 sisters. On their first Christmas with us, we put up the Christmas tree and on that same day we took the girls out to each pick an ornament for the tree.

Every year that they were with us, the girls placed the ornaments they had chosen with great excitement on the tree. One of the girls said she enjoyed doing it so much, as it had made her feel like part of the family because there were things on it from our grown-up children and our grandchildren.


That year we named the tree ‘The Family Tree’.


It then became a tradition that every child who was living with us over Christmas got to choose their own decoration and put it in place.

This brings back so many memories of all the children for my husband and I. This year, we have another 2 young children that have added their own personal memories for us. They have asked if we will always place theirs in the front of the tree when they leave.

Merry Christmas from Yvonne and Brian


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Date published

16 December 2020

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