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How to prepare your home for a foster child

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Welcoming a foster child into your home can be both exciting and daunting. As a foster carer, you can provide a safe and nurturing environment for a child who may have experienced trauma or difficulties in their life. However, it is helpful to ensure that you take the necessary steps to make the transition as smooth as possible for yourself and the child or young person.

Read on for our tips on how to welcome a new arrival into your home as a foster carer…                                                                                                          


Create a Welcoming Atmosphere

Creating a welcoming atmosphere is key to helping a child or young person settle into their new home. This can be achieved by doing small things, such as having a meal prepared for them on arrival, having some toys or games ready to play, or even just offering a warm smile. Remember that a child may be feeling anxious or overwhelmed, so making them feel at ease is important.


Prepare the Child or Young Person’s Room

Before the child or young person arrives, it is a good idea to prepare a nice space for them. Make sure that their room is clean and tidy, and that they have a comfortable bed to sleep in. You may also want to add some personal touches such as a soft toy or age-appropriate books, to help them feel more at home. If possible, you could involve the child in the process of decorating their room, which might make them feel more comfortable in their new surroundings.


Be Patient and Understanding

Every child is different and will have their own unique experiences and emotions. It is important to be patient and understanding with them as they adjust to their new surroundings. Try to create a routine that works for them and be flexible in your approach. Some children may need more space and time to adjust, while others may be more open and outgoing. Being open to change and willing to adapt can make this process much easier.


Communicate Clearly and Openly

Communication is key to building trust and creating a positive relationship with the child or young person in your care. Be clear and honest with them about what they can expect in their new surroundings. Slowly establish boundaries and create a sense of routine. You can also ask questions to show you’re interested, but don’t be too overwhelming.


Give a House Tour

Giving a house tour can make the young person feel more comfortable in their new surroundings. Show them where everything in the house is and how to use any appliances where appropriate. It would be a good idea to also take this time to reassure them that they can move and use objects freely within the home. Let them know they can make themselves feel at home.


Create a Welcome Pack

Considering creating a welcome book can be a nice extra touch. You could include photos of the household members, alongside names and a friendly profile to kick start relationships. Then, you might jot down practicalities such as house rules, local places and school information. This can be a fantastic reference point and can create a sense of routine.

If you feel ready to welcome a child or young person into your home, get in touch with our friendly team to find out more about fostering with Calon Cymru Fostering.

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Date published

30 March 2023

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