Team Catch Ups

Hi all,

Autumn is upon us, the weather is very unpredictable, hot one day and raining and windy the next. Time to snuggle up and prepare for the winter. It is important to keep in touch with family and friends. The winter is a time where some people struggle with depression and anxieties and it can be difficult to communicate feelings. Keep talking, keep being kind and listen to yourself and to your friends.

Calon Cymru understand the importance of communication. It has been difficult to network with each other during the pandemic. The team have been working behind the scenes putting together things for the children to participate in and virtual meet ups.

However, with restrictions lifting, it is now possible to meet face to face and I, for one, am looking forward to seeing my co-carers in person for the first time in 18 months. We are meeting for coffee and biscuits and a good old-fashioned catch up. Carers, supervising social workers and managers meet and discuss a little bit of business, anything that is relevant and important for us as a team to be kept up to date about, and then coffee and ‘shoot the breeze’. The networking meetings are held regionally, and we have a whole team meet up regularly too. In fact, in a couple of weeks we will all be getting together to celebrate 25 years of Calon Cymru, formerly Pathway Care. We are being taken for afternoon tea and have recently received a voucher as a ‘thank you’. We feel valued and appreciated, there is always someone at the end of the phone to offer support, guidance and advice.

I guess the thing for me during this winter and running up to the festive period, is to check in with family and friends and it is okay to admit you need support . . . also give yourself an emotional health check and be mindful of what you need and ask for assistance from people around you.

Daisy Doo and Julian too xx




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Date published

07 October 2021

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